Grow at New Life Assembly

Discover our spiritual growth track lessons. These classes are important to those that are new to the faith, as well those at any level in their spiritual journey. 


Join Pastor Josh on Sunday mornings at 9:30 as he teaches our spiritual growth track classes. Various doctrinal points will be discussed that are designed to help you grow spiritually. The entire track takes approximately one year to complete.

  • First Steps Level 1

    In this eight lesson course you will learn about your new life in Christ, how to pray, what is the Bible, Who is God and various Biblical truths. 

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  • First Steps Level 2

    Level 2 is another eight lesson course and we dig deeper into eternity, end times, the Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus.

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  • F.U.S.E

    F.U.S.E stands for Fellowship, Unity, Service and Expectations. In this three lesson class you will get a chance to learn about New Life Assembly as a church and how we function. Many people would call it our New Member's class. We encourage everyone that is thinking about becoming a member of New Life Assembly to take this course before becoming a member.

  • I Will

    In this nine lesson class you will learn more about what it means to be an outward focused Christian. Too many times we see the church on how the church serves us but in actuality we are called to serve. This class will prepare you to put other's needs in front of yours.

  • Sunday School (All Ages)

    We also have two adult classes and children's classes that you can be a part of. Children from 3 and up have a class just for their level with creative things for them to learn more about Jesus. There is a Senior Adult Sunday School class and another adult Sunday School class to help with continued spiritual growth in the Lord.